Vehicle Remapping

Turbo Dynamics now offers Engine mapping & Vehicle Remapping for Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, in partnership with 'Celtic Tuning' one of the UK's leaders in electronic engine enhancements. Located at our premises in Christchurch we are your ideal remap specialists for Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Ferndown, Ringwood, the New Forest and surrounding areas. If you are unsure exactly what vehicle remapping is then visit our "What is remapping?" page...

Up to 20% savings on fuel costs | Up to 40% more power and torque | Faster, smoother, more responsive


Performance Remapping


Improve your vehicles performance with a Celtic Tuning Performance Remap from Turbo Dynamics. Up to 40% more power & torque.

Performance Mapping


Economy Remapping


Save money on fuel with a Celtic Tuning Economy Remap from Turbo Dynamics. You could save up to 20% on rising fuel costs today!

Economy Remapping


Fleet Remapping


We can provide Celtic Tuning Fleet Management Solutions. Protect your business assets, reduce your fleets operational costs & CO2 emissions.

Fleet Remapping



What Is Remapping?


ECU remapping replaces standard software on an ECU with new software. This can be programmed to optimize the cars performance.

What Is Remapping?


About Celtic Tuning


Celtic Tuning are one of the UK's leaders in Electronic Engine Enhancements. They specialise in the performance tuning of vehicles.

About Celtic Tuning


Frequently Asked Questions


Turbo Dynamics cover some of the remapping related questions. If you can't find an answer to your question then contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions