Celtic Tuning are one of the UK's leaders in Electronic Engine Enhancements. They specialise in the performance tuning of the vehicles engine management system and develop all their own software in house which gives them endless flexibility to tune an engine to the customers requirements.

Celtic Tuning have many year's experience in software development and also have over 25 year's experience in full engine reconditioning, performance tuning and engine race preparation. The mechanical knowledge is fundamental in the precision tuning of the engine management system which gives them a distinct advantage over many others. They work on a wide range of vehicles such as cars, vans, 4X4, Commercial, Agricultural, Track/Race Cars and Marine Engines.


Authorised Dealer for Celtic Tuning

Turbo Dynamics are specialists in the performance tuning of the vehicles and are an Authorised Dealer for Celtic Tuning software products in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. All Celtic Tuning software is developed in house on their own rolling road which gives us endless flexibility to tune an engine to the customer’s requirements.

We work on the full spectrum of vehicles giving us unrivalled knowledge and experience in the full range of ECU's on the market. We have a dedicated team for software development, and with our extensive list of Main Dealers providing us with the latest vehicles; we can ensure that we are always one of the first to release new models to the market. We have a wide range of tuning upgrades for most modern petrol and diesel engines ranging from software to hardware upgrades including Turbo Dynamics own range of hybrid turbochargers.

With all remaps you can expect:

• A more responsive engine
• Smoother, more linear power delivery
• Improved acceleration for safer overtaking

Turbo Petrol

• Up to 30% more Power
• Up to 35% more Torque
• Enhanced throttle response
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy


Turbo Diesel

• Up to 40% more Power
• Up to 40% more Torque
• Enhanced throttle response
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy


• Up to 10% more Power
• Up to 10% more Torque
• Removal of flat spots
• Improved fuel economy

Where applicable we can also:

• Increase the rpm limiter of the engine to gain the very best of it (petrol engines only)
• Remove speed limiters where applicable
• Lower speed limiters i.e. for business use etc

These figures are used to give a general idea of the performance and economy gains. With some engines we can achieve more power gains, others less. To find out the exact performance & economy gains a vehicle remap will have on your vehicle fill out the contact form or give us a call today! 


Turbo Dynamics cover some of the remapping related questions. However, if you can't find an answer to your question then contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Remapping Customer Feedback

Interested in Remapping but not sure? Don't take our word just listen to our satisified customers on our feedback form. Click on the click below.

Customer Feedback

What is Remapping?

ECU remapping replaces standard software on an ECU with new software. This can be programmed to optimize the cars performance.

What Is Remapping?

Guarantee & Warranty

Celtic Tuning offer a complete peace of mind product, because they are so confident in their software any remapping work carried out by Turbo Dynamics comes with the following guarantees.

Guarantee and Warranty

Improve your vehicles performance with a Celtic Tuning Performance Remap from Turbo Dynamics. Up to 40% more power & torque.

Performance Remapping

Economy Remapping

Save money on fuel with a Celtic Tuning Economy Remap from Turbo Dynamics. You could save up to 20% on rising fuel costs today!

Economy Remapping

Fleet Remapping

We can provide Celtic Tuning Fleet Management Solutions. Protect your business assets, reduce your fleets operational costs & CO2 emissions.

Fleet Management


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