Turbo Dynamics BMW Hybrid Turbo increases standard 330D power by 47%

Performance Remap Specialist and TD Partner, Celtic Tuning, enlisted Turbo Dynamics to design one of their award winning bespoke Hybrids for a customer's BMW 330D. The newly designed MD560 Hybrid Turbo recorded 333bhp.

1.jpgCeltic Tuning's remapping skills, partnered with TD's turbo expertise, resulted in a recorded figure of 333bhp, although Celtic Tuning reports that they actually managed 343bhp! – well over 100hp increase above standard. Graham of Celtic Tuning enthused, "Impressive turbo... very impressed!"

Amongst the turbo modifications undertaken were fitting an uprated compressor wheel, uprated thrust bearings, modified exhaust wheel and the application of the TD blueprinting service.

Graham stated that if they removed the DPF he was sure that the turbo would wipe the floor with 350+ bhp. He added that the torque achieved 489lbft in 5th and could probably be over over 500lbft in top!

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