RB Motorsport


When it comes to improving and maintaining the awesome Nissan Skyline GT-R, there are few companies who have the experience and depth of knowledge of RB Motorsport. Run by Rod Bell, the company is home to some of the most highly tuned GT-Rs in the country, including Keith Cowie's awesome World Record-breaking R32.

RB Motorsport are UK distributors for OS Giken, Trust and Tomei, all well-respected Japanese tuning companies who produce top-class gear. When it comes to parts and accessories, don't expect RB Motorsport to branch out into selling anything that's purely Bling or not proven in race conditions. With their enviable reputation for supplying top-notch stuff, and for doing a great job at a sensible price - and recommending ways of saving money instead of spending everything you've managed to scrape together - Rod and the crew look like they'll be sorting Skylines as long as there's enough Super Unleaded to keep 'em on the road.#

RB Motorsport is your local TD approved Partner for Turbo Dynamics hybrid turbos and the Borg Warner EFR Series

Visit RB Motorsport: www.rbmotorsport.co.uk/