Turbo Dynamics offer Ceramic Coating technology for turbochargers, turbocharger related components (i.e. manifolds, exhaust headers, exhaust down pipes, external wastegates) and more.

Ceramic Coating minimises heat transfer from parts such as the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. This reduces under bonnet temperatures and protects heat sensitive components.

By reducing under bonnet temperatures, Ceramic Coating also reduces the temperature of air entering the engine via the inlet manifold, giving a denser charge and more power!

Why Ceramic Coat Your Turboharger? 

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Ceramic coating is available in a range of the following colours below.

Ceramic Coating



A range of highly efficient thermal barrier coatings specifically designed to aid exhaust system thermal management - reducing surface, radiant and engine compartment temperatures at the design stage or even during running production.

For Aesthetics:picture_2.jpg

From under bonnet beautification through to exhaust finishers, our full range of high temperature coatings enhance the look and quality of an engine bay and exhaust system with a variety of colour and textural finishes. These coatings are suitable for application onto a range of metals, plastics and composite materials.

For Performance:


With modern, tightly packaged engine compartments our range of coatings and heat shields can increase component reliability, improve emissions performance through trapping heat in catalysts and DPF's and offer a crisper throttle response by the coating of turbo chargers.

FOR A RAPID SOLUTION:picture_4.jpg

ZircoFlex© is a revolutionary range of flexible or rigid ceramic heat shields offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and thickness.  This unique range provides manufacturers the flexibility to manage heat in any automotive application.

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Ceramic coating is available in a range of colours to compliment engine detailing, silicon hoses or vehicle body colour to enhance any underbonnet installation with a great look and true performance.

Turbo Dynamics use Zircotec's Ceramic Thermohold technology to enhance the performance of the turbocharger. By reducing thermal losses through the turbine housing, the coating can help improve responsiveness, to increase drivability with reduced lag.

Zircotec's Ceramic coatings also help to reduce high under-bonnet temperatures; a common problem associated with high-performance turbocharger application that can reduce reliability.

Ceramic coating is a popular option for many of our customers as, by reducing air intake temperatures, it offers increased engine performance. It also reduces ‘turbo lag' or ‘spool' time by keeping the turbine inlet gases hot.

As well performance, Turbo Dynamics cites reliability, efficiency and safety improvements. Ceramic coating also reduces or can even eliminate fuel vaporisation, which is vital in a time where fuel prices are rocketing.

We believe that managing underbonnet temperatures reduces the fire risk and, with lower cockpit temperatures provides better conditions for drivers.

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