Turbo Dynamics have a full in-house machine shop and precision fabrication facility allowing us to offer a variety of machining services such as Precision Grinding, Precision Honing, Twin Seal Conversions, Ported Shroud compressor housing conversions and the manufacture and fitting of Group N and Group A restrictors...

TD Machining Services:

• Precision Grinding
• Precision Honing
• Twin Seal Conversions
• Ported Shroud compressor housing conversions 
• Manufacture and fitting of Group N and Group A restrictors...

Precision Honing

We have in-house facilities for precision honing turbochargers and also carry out honing for other turbo remanufacturers.

Precision Grinding

Turbo Dynamics have precision grinding facilities and can offer grinding services for turbochargers, including 'Clipping' or 'Cut back' turbine blades.


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