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Nitrous Oxide Refills

Turbo Dynamics offer in-house Nitrous Oxide (NOS and NO²) refilling for most bottles. We are your local NOS refiller for Bournemouth, Poole, New Forest and the surrounding Dorset and Hampshire areas.

If you are looking for more performance from an engine, nitrous oxide can be an option. With a nitrous oxide system, nitrogen is injected into the combustion chamber of the engine to boost the power. Nitrogen itself is an inert gas, so is not directly part of the fuel combustion process, it can boost an engine’s performance by 100-150bhp.

Adding nitrous oxide into your vehicle can increase your power, speed and torque. The nitrous oxide works along similar lines to a turbocharger in that turbochargers compress air, causing the air to heat up. Nitrogen can be compressed more easily than air, so the air density increases and, thus, the concentration of air is increased. This pressurized gas is hotter, but once the pressure is released it produces a cooling effect – and this is how nitrogen boosters work. The effect of the sudden cooling makes the air inside the combustion chambers more dense and rich in oxygen.

To arrange a Nitrous Oxide refill call today! - 01202 487497


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