We can supply original fit, genuine direct replacement turbochargers for all vehicles and applications.

If you are looking for a replacement turbocharger give us a call and we can quote you our best price. (Make sure you have either your part number or vehicle registration at-hand, so we can find you the correct replacement turbo).

If you are looking for a replacement VNT turbocharger you must insist on a genuine replacement turbo or a quality remanufactured unit.

The complexity of the Garrett VNT™ turbocharger means that any poor attempt to remanufacture could lead to potentially serious problems. To safeguard customers' interests Garrett will only provide new replacement units for VNT™ technology.

As an official Garrett Authorised Turbo Specialist we historically only supplied brand new VNT turbochargers. However we now also offer our own quality guaranteed in-house remanufacturing service .

When fitting a replacement turbo, failure to complete the recommended procedures is likely to result in serious damage to the engine and/or turbo.

If you have any questions regarding fitting your replacement turbo please speak to one of our technical experts before commencing work.

Find you're replacement turbocharger, call today! 01202 487497

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