Turbo Dynamics offer a competitive turbocharger repair service starting from just £195.00+VAT for any turbocharger in need of an overhaul, we can also carry out wastegate repairs.

When carrying out turbo repairs we are often asked by our customers to upgrade their turbocharger at the same time, as this is an ideal opportunity, whilst the turbo has already been removed from its application.

Turbocharger upgrades can be carried out to your existing turbo from as little as £395.00+VAT and because we are market leaders in hybrid turbo technology, you can be sure that not only will we bring your failed turbocharger back to life, it will be better than ever!

How does the turbo repair service work?

1. First we arrange collection of the turbo on your behalf (you are required to pay the collection fee).

2. Upon recieving the turbo we will strip it down and proceed with inspection.

3. We will then provide you with a FREE failure analysis and a quote for the cost of repairs.

4. If you are happy with the agreed price then we will proceed with the repairs. 

5. If you decided not to proceed with the repairs then we will arrange for the turbo to be sent back to you (you are required to pay the return fee).

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