VNT Turbochargers are commonly used in most diesel passenger cars and vans and also feature in some petrol vehicles.

The VNT stands for Variable Nozzle Turbine, which means that the internal technology of the turbocharger uses variable vanes to control the exhaust flow against the turbine blades.

These types of turbos are also sometimes referred to as Variable-Geometry Turbochargers (as with Holset's VGT Turbos) or Variable-Turbine Geometry Turbochargers (as with Borgwarner's VTG Turbos).

These turbos are highly efficient and very complex, this is because the variable vanes act as a sophisticated Engine Management System used for minimising turbo lag which allows for an increase in throttle responsiveness, particularly at low engine speeds.

This is done by altering the direction and speed in which the gasses impact with the turbine wheel.

This type of technology is used by many turbocharger manufacturers including; BorgWarner, Holset, IHI, Cummins and Mitsibushi but it is most commonly associated Garrett, the world's leading turbocharger manufacturer.

Garrett's method of incorporating "a ring of small movable vanes around the turbine wheel" is featured in millions of passanger cars and vans around the world today.

VNT Turbochargers - Always insist on a Genuine Replacement or Quality Remanufactured

Honeywell Turbo Technologies, who produce around 50% of the world’s turbochargers for leading vehicle manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, SEAT, Vauxhall, Ford, Fiat, Renault, Nissan and Peugeot, introduced a Non-Repair Policy for their Garrett VNT turbochargers back in 2004 meaning no genuine spare part components are available for these units and no calibration data issued.

This was due to the intricacies of the modern VNT turbocharger and the precise calibration required to ensure compatibility with the engine's ECU. The latest electronic actuator units are even fitted with an Eprom chip that is flashed on the production line uniquely for every turbocharger unit.

Over the years many companies have tried to copy and replicate these unavailable original components. The quality of these components was poor, inconsistent and made from unknown materials.

Far from the high quality components we insist on using in all our customers turbochargers. Due to this Turbo Dynamics agreed with, and adopted, Garrett’s no overhaul policy on VNT turbos and have always recommended brand new genuine units.


During this time Turbo Dynamics have kept a close eye on the market and the quality of not just the component parts but also the hardware required for calibration.

Finally we feel the quality of aftermarket parts available matches the quality of the OE components. In addition, machinery is now available to test and calibrate these turbo accurately and with confidence.

We have managed to source the high quality components required to rebuild these intricate units and invested in the latest high spec calibration equipment that it essential in the rebuild of VNT turbos.

As a result we are, once again, happy to offer our customers Turbo Dynamics rebuilt exchange turbochargers and to extend our popular Cost Of Repair (COR) service to all VNT type turbos including Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI and Mitsubishi starting from £195+VAT.

We at Turbo Dynamics have always prided ourselves on offering the highest level of service with zero compromise to our customers. Using these quality components is not just us being picky, it is essential!

To submit an enquiry about our remanufactured VNT Service, or to speak with one of our experts.

If you need a replacement VNT turbocharger garages, parts suppliers and the internet will throw up lots of conflicting and contradicting information.

With options ranging from a £199 cheap copy turbo to a £2000+ turbo from the main dealer it’s hard to know which option to choose. 



VNT turbos are highly complex units, engineered and calibrated to meet the exacting performance parameters of automotive manufacturers.

They deliver optimum performance and ensure high reliability. Any attempt at remanufacturing /reconditioning using either inferior quality parts or no ability to test and set the calibration of the VNT mechanism is fraught with difficulty and danger.

This can lead to potentially serious problems, such as:

-  Conflict with the engine management systems bringing lights up in the dash (MOT Failure)

-  Low flow/pressure, causing poor response, poor overall performance and increased emissions (potential MOT Failure)

-  Excessive flow/pressure, leading to the over-speeding of the turbo, wheel bursting and potential damage to turbo and engine

-  Incorrect diesel fuel/air mix, causing excessively high temperatures or blockages to parts such as DPF filters damaging both the turbo and the engine and leading to costly repair bills

When you need a replacement turbo, the best option is either a New Genuine unit (as supplied by the original turbo manufacturer) or a quality remanufactured / refurbished unit built by expert technicians using OE quality components and the latest high speed balance machines and VNT flow benches.

Turbo Dynamics are one of the few UK companies with the skills, reputation and latest calibration equipment to provide high quality rebuilt VNT turbos to an ever expanding market being more closely ruled by ever tightening EU emissions.

Many companies claim they offer O.E quality remanufactured turbos but very few get close to the exact tolerances your original cars turbo had when it left the showroom.

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