MD548 Hybrid Turbocharger (right side) for Porsche 911 GT2 Turbo (993)

Part No. MD548

£3,021.29 (EX VAT)
£3,625.55 (INC VAT)

MD548 Stage 2 Hybrid Turbocharger
For Porsche 911 GT2 Turbo (993)

MD548 turbocharger, right side, fits Porsche 911 GT2, engine code M64/60 S, 1995->1999, OEM number 99312301485.

MD548 turbos also directly replace Porsche 911 Turbo (right side), engine code M64/60, 1995->1998, part number 5316-988-6735, OEM number 99312301452 as a performance upgrade.

MD547 Hybrid turbos are a direct replacement for 5324-970-7004 & 5324-988-7004.

MD548 turbocharger must be upgraded as a pair with MD547.

Estimated Power Output: 650-700bhp*

*Please Note: Our hybrid turbochargers require exact engine management settings and/or supporting modifications to achieve these horsepower figures. If you wish to discuss this with a member of our technical team before purchasing, please feel free to call us.