MDLM Twin Entry Hybrid Turbocharger for Subaru Impreza - Various options available, click for more info.


£1,495.00 (EX VAT)

For all twin scroll Subaru Imprezas.

This hybrid turbo is designed to be a bolt-on upgrade for all twin scroll Subaru Imprezas. Turbos come complete with a full fitting kit and a 2-year warranty included in the price.

Twin Entry Hybrid Turbocharger, featuring Garrett Ballistic Concepts Dual Ball Bearing Technology, suitable for use on Subaru Impreza cars already fitted with Twin Scroll fittings.
  • Straight bolt on turbo for all Twinscroll JDM STI models.
  • Designed in the UK using the latest CAD and CFD techniques.
  • Cast and machined in the UK by OEM Turbo production company.
  • Exhaust housing made from the highest quality Ni-Resist iron (unlike most brands).
  • Two internal volute sizes allowing for perfect matching of customers performance expectations.
  • Each housing has the acclaimed Zircotec Ceramic coating that drastically reduces the under bonnet temperatures and allows maximum turbo response.
  • Designed to run the latest Garrett Ballistic ball bearing cores with their proven performance potential and superb spool up characteristics.
  • Custom cast compressor covers for both standard cable and Drive-By-Wire throttles.
  • Extensively tested on JDM 2.0 and upgraded 2.5 Twinscroll models to provide popular power options but customised versions are also available.
  • Turbocharger fully blueprinted to motorsport standards.
  • Recommended maximum boost level is 28-30psi.

Estimated Power Output: 400bhp to 500bhp

This hybrid turbo benefits from Turbo Dynamics own design billet aluminium compressor wheel. Billet compressor wheels offer significantly improved strength and durability over the original cast aluminium wheels, they are also up to 20% lighter, a lighter compressor wheel will spool quicker, reducing turbo lag and allowing for improved response.

All Garrett ball bearing turbos feature an oil restrictor built into them, however on some applications this is not sufficient to restrict the quantity of oil entering the turbocharger and leakage can occur. This is normally the case on cars running high oil pressure (generally more than 2 bar on idle when oil is warm). If this is the case and leakage occurs then an additional restrictor 901780-0401R0.04 is required.

Garrett ball bearing turbos are designed to be run with water cooling to the bearing housings. Failure to run this system will invalidate the warranty and can lead to the premature failure of the turbocharger.

*Please Note: Our hybrid turbochargers require exact engine management settings and/or supporting modifications to achieve these horsepower figures. If you wish to discuss this with a member of our technical team before purchasing, please feel free to call us.