Ball Bearing Conversion


A Ball Bearing Conversion drastically improves the response of the turbocharger and makes it more reliable. This is done by replacing the traditional thrust bearing and journal bearing assembly with a dual ball bearing cartridge assembly.

The dual ball bearing cartridge has significantly less frictional drag which translates to improved response for the driver! How does 'full boost 500 - 1000rpm sooner' sound?





Bronze Ball Bearing Carriers


The Bronze Ball Bearing Carrier, designed in-house, was originally created for use in high-temperature environments where reliability is crucial e.g. motorsport. They are now available as an upgrade on all Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Core Assemblies.

The bronze carrier directly replaces the original Phenolic resin carrier. With no drawbacks, this reliability modification is a perfect upgrade for fast road/race applications or simply for peace of mind.






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