Carbon build-up within a turbocharger can be a common cause of turbocharger failure


There are many products that can help reduce the carbon build-up within a turbo however none are as effective as stripping the turbo down and cleaning it using the correct equipment.

We have the facilities in-house to offer automatic & manual bead, shot and glass blasting and cleaning for a huge range of turbochargers and turbocharger components, varying from the smallest Smart Car compressor wheel to the exhaust casings from a ferry.

Many people attempt to clean their own turbos using industrial solvents or similar chemicals, this is not as effective and in some cases can damage the turbo or turbo components leading to complete failure and an unnecessary expense to replace or repair the turbo.

We highly recommend that turbocharger cleaning is carried out by an expert using the correct equipment to avoid damage to the turbo.



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