Fitment Of A Larger Compressor Wheel

A larger compressor wheel will allow the Re-Profiled Compressor Cover turbocharger to flow more air. More airflow equals more power (with the correct modifications and mapping)! Our hybrid turbochargers usually feature the fitment of larger compressor wheels than standard.


Fitment Of A Compressor Cover

The compressor cover will need Re-Profiling to suit and the Compressor Backplate may well need modifying at the same time. A Re-Profiled Compressor Cover allows the fitment of a larger compressor wheel – an essential part of the hybrid process! The bore of the housing is enlarged to accommodate the new, larger wheel and the profile reshaped to match. All this is done whilst maintaining a strict tolerance between wheel and housing to optimise the efficiency of the turbocharger. A Ported Shroud Conversion can potentially be added at the same time if required Modified Compressor Backplate.


Modifying The Compressor Backplate

Modifying the Compressor Backplate allows the fitment of a Larger Compressor Wheel an essential part of the hybrid process! The backplate houses the recess in which the compressor wheel sits; a larger compressor wheel will require the backplate opening to suit. As with everything done at Turbo Dynamics, a tolerance is closely followed in the name of efficiency and performance.


Ported Shroud Conversion

Ported shrouds help prevent surge by equalising airflow on the secondary blades of the compressor wheel allowing the turbocharger to cope with higher boost levels at low engine RPM and light throttle loads. A ported shroud conversion will also improve the overall efficiency of the compressor wheel. The existing compressor cover can (potentially) be machined for a ported shroud or a replacement cover with a ported shroud can be supplied.



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