Turbocharger Failure Analysis?


If you have a damaged or broken turbo, we can help!


There are many possible causes of turbocharger failure - Turbo Dynamics are experts in turbo failure analysis and failure diagnosis.

We carry out inspections on failed turbos prior to commencing any turbo repairs to diagnose the exact reason for the faulty turbo and can provide Independent Inspection Reports including Certificate of Conformity for balance.

We offer a ‘Free Failure Analysis Service', alongside either quoting for a new turbocharger or assessing the cost of repairing your unit.

We can also offer failure analysis as a stand-alone service. Please note, if you require a full written report there will be a charge for this. Further, please note that if the turbo is deemed to be unrepairable, the turbo can be returned to you, but will remain in a stripped condition unless requested otherwise. There is a small charge for reassembling turbos if necessary.

Turbo Dynamics are also specialists in-warranty repairs and warranty reporting, and we are contracted to provide Independent Warranty Reports for several Automotive Warranty Companies in the UK.



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