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Reviewed by admin on
I recently had my VW Passat 1.9 TDI Estate remapped by you guys and i'm loving the increase in performance. Before my car had 130BHP now its increased to 200BHP with 300 LB of Torque. With regards to saving money on fuel costs, I've also seen a difference. I now get 66 MPG when driving at speed on a motorway and 56 MPG on my run to work which is roughly 21 miles. Service and staff were exceptional and a pleasure to deal with and i would definitely recommend.
Reviewed by admin on
I had my vehicle remapped at Turbo Dynamics, the difference was instant with the car performing better than ever. I'm so impressed with the increase in torque, I'll save loads in fuel and the higher torque and will be great for towing my boat! I also noticed the engine runs a lot smoother since the remap. Very highly recommended.
Reviewed by admin on
I had my Land Rover Discovery 3 remapped by Turbo Dynamics who had exceptional customer service and i have seen a massive difference within my vehicle overall performance. It's now allot easier to get up those harsh inclines and hills while pulling my trailer along.
Reviewed by admin on
The remap saw my Fiesta’s power rise from 67 BHP to just under 100BHP. The main difference I have found when driving it is a significant improvement in low down response,
which is particularly handy when pulling out of a junction or overtaking (safely of course!).

I also use the vehicle for towing a small 400 kg trailer, which is now much easier. I can almost forget I am towing a trailer at times!!
After the first few weeks of driving with the map (and calming down!), my MPG has actually increased, which is handy, as my commute is a 100 mile round trip!
Reviewed by Alex on
I went down to Turbo Dynamics to get a remap done on my BMW 330ci M-Sport, the staff where very friendly and talked me through the whole process. They completed the remap in around an hour and as soon as I took the car for a test drive I could notice the difference straight away. It was a lot more responsive and smoother through the rev range, I could also feel an increase in power and torque.

I am very happy with the remap and would highly recommend Turbo dynamics to anyone who is looking for a remap.

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