Car Throttle Visits Turbo Dynamics

The hugely popular company are shown how a hybrid turbo is made.

Dubbed 'Buzzfeed for cars', the hugely popular car community Car Throttle visited our Turbo Dynamics headquarters last week. The production team came to film a short video in our factory for their Facebook page (8.6M Fans) on how a hybrid turbo is stripped, assembled & built.

The video has 629,638 views (so far) with lots of positive reactions. You can view the video below:

The production team were very curious about the process of a hybrid build and were impressed by the quality of precision and expertise our turbo technicians put into our builds.

Car Throttle creates and distributes engaging car content and works closely with several companies including ourselves. We previously worked with Car Throttle in 2015/16 when we carried out work for Car Throttle Presenter Alex Kersten. This turbo was for his MX-5 project car.

You can view the 'Project MX-5 Fitting My Epic Turbocharger' here (installation 1:00 in):


Even More Exciting News!


Even more exciting news! Our Hybrid Turbocharger range is now live on Car Throttle's shop right here. We're very excited to contribute our products to Car Throttle's audience. Out of the 100+ turbos we're including some of our big names like the BorgWarner EFR Series & our very own Turbo Dynamics MDX555.

You can view our range of hybrid turbos on Car Throttle's shop here. For our full range of turbos visit our webshop today here.

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