"It Gave Us Everything We Wanted! "

Flatirons Tuning Discuss LM450-LR60 Twin Scroll Hybrid Turbo.

Onwards and upwards for 2018 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.


In Flatirons Tunings latest video they discuss the performance of the LM450-LR60 Twin Scroll Hybrid Turbocharger. "It gave us everything we ever wanted" they describe in their video.

The LM450-L60 turbo is the 2.5 litre version which produces 450bhp and uses the larger internal volute which does not become overwhelmed by the larger engines exhaust gas flow. This turbo uses a Turbo Dynamics designed and cast 0.60 A/R compressor cover and offers instant throttle response and no lag making a superb street turbo.

In 2017 they came across Turbo Dynamics and entered Pikes Peak Hill Climb using one of our turbochargers which, in their own words, gave the "power we've always wanted". They will continue to use this twin entry hybrid turbocharger for the 2018 Pikes Peak Hill Climb on June 24th.

Watch the highlights from 2017 below:


You can check out Flatirons Tuning website here.

To learn more about this turbo and see full specs and pricing click here to view. If need any technical information regarding this turbo we are always happy to talk with you. You can call us on 01202 487497 or email us here.

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