Fitting An Uprated Actuator

Fitting an Uprated Actuator allows higher boost pressure to be run. The actuator governs when the wastegate opens. A stronger/uprated actuator means the turbocharger will run higher boost, usually equalling more power, before the wastegate opens.


360 Thrust Bearing fitting of 360 Degree Thrust Bearing

Fitting a 360-degree Thrust Bearing increases the reliability of your turbocharger and allows a safer way of running high boost pressures. The thrust bearing is under heavy pressure when the turbocharger is operating, the larger surface area of a 360 thrust bearing (as opposed to a traditional 270-degree unit) is better equipped to cope with these axial loads.

A 360-degree thrust bearing is recommended if you intend running more than one bar (14.7 psi) of boost. Running high boost on a standard thrust bearing can lead to premature turbo failure and a big bill!



Restrictors are used in motorsport to "cap" the airflow and therefore, the power a car can produce. At Turbo Dynamics we can machine your turbo to accept a restrictor. We also offer restrictors in all the standard sizes so we can supply as well as fit if required.


Porting The Wastegate

Porting the Wastegate optimises the flow of the exhaust gases through the turbocharger's wastegate and helps prevent/reduce boost creep.


Staggered Gap Piston Ring

A Staggered Gap Piston Ring replaces the standard piston ring seal. It is designed for use in low back pressure exhaust systems where oil seepage into the exhaust could possibly occur.


Twin Seal Conversion

Twin Seal conversions pre-date Staggered Gap Piston Rings and are used on older turbochargers where staggered-gap rings are not available. The process involves careful machining of the piston ring on the shaft and the seal bore area of the bearing housing to allow a second piston ring seal to be fitted. This reduces oil seepage on cars with low back pressure exhaust systems or higher than usual crankcase pressure.



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