As well as designing and manufacturing a turbo for your retrofit application, Turbo Dynamics can offer a range of retrofit products and accessories for your project, including oil and water fittings, oil flanges, exhaust inlet and outlet flanges, gaskets and silicone hoses.

If you are thinking about carrying out a conversion on a naturally aspirated engine, the following modifications and specifications of the engine would need to be changed to effectively complete the retrofit:

• Fabrication of both inlet and exhaust manifolds to fit the specific application.

• Engine compression ratio to be checked and lowered where necessary, ideally this would be between 7.5:1 and 8.5:1 to allow significant boost pressure to be used. This can be achieved in two ways, machining of the standard pistons or preferably fitting of forged low compression pistons.

• Camshaft specification should also be checked to ensure that the duration and valve overlap is not too great for the application. Ideally this would be a camshaft of mild duration and overlap.

• The fuel system i.e. injectors, fuel pump pressure and mapping of the ignition system would also need to be modified for the increased requirements of the turbocharger.

To specify the correct turbocharger for a retrofit application the following considerations also need to be made: engine capacity;maximum RPM; application or usage i.e. street car/drag/race etc; projected horse power and torque requirements; boost pressure requirements; and if the engine is to be intercooled or chargecooled...

We recommend anyone considering retrofit to first source a conversion specialist (some of our Trade Customers specialise in retrofitting) to seek advice and a quote from them as retrofits can be very costly!

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