Here we answer some of your frequently asked technical questions as well as useful turbocharger facts.

There is info which advises how to diagnose turbo problems and explains common wastegate actuator faults.


Turbo Dynamics has a wealth of technical expertise that we can share with our customers; if you cannot find the answer to your question, we can answer you directly send us a message on our contact page here.


Learn how a turbocharger works.


Information on turbocharging a naturally aspirated car.


8 important steps to installing a turbocharger.


5 causes of turbocharger failure.


How ceramic coating benefits your turbocharger.


15 interesting turbocharger facts.


Learn the turbocharger lingo.


Find out if turbocharging is for you.


What is a VNT turbocharger?


The difference between turbochargers & superchargers.


 What is a hybrid turbocharger?


How long should your turbocharger last?


Why turbochargers are environmentally friendly?


Our recommended diagnostic procedures.


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Turbo Dynamics are not only dealers and stockists, but also hold the distribution rights to many of the world's leading turbocharger and accessories manufacturing companies. Our extensive product range, which is in excess of 600 applications, can be viewed in our online webshop.

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