The first and foremost decision to be made is what do you need for your engine over and above what you want.

We are constantly bombarded with people ringing up for the latest GT28997530 racing turbo without any idea what the model designation means or what the turbo actually does.

But rest assured someone on a forum in cyberspace told them that was the unit to get! Wrong! Some model designations we have been asked for are just made up numbers that sound good!

We need to start at the beginning.

The first things you need to establish are:

1. What is my budget and how much work is needed to get to your goal.

2. Decide on a performance target and stick to it (It’s hard to change halfway through) don’t decide that you want a turbo that will produce 300-400 bhp – it won’t happen!!

3. It is true that turbocharging is ‘cheap power’ when compared with tuning a normally aspirated engine but it is so common now for people to talk of ‘the odd 100 BHP here and there’ as if it is as simple as running a little more boost pressure.

4. Will my engine/application cope with my targets (ask the professionals…not the forums) remember, putting a hybrid turbo on an 180,000 mile old engine isn’t the greatest plan!

5. Remember what the car is used for… a 500 bhp monster with tons of lag won’t be good around town or on the motorway, (being beaten off the lights by a Robin Reliant won’t be painless for the ego either!!) 

6. Once you have these goals set… get the most information you can about the turbo you want and you will end up with a great performance package.

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