The Aftermarket age-old question endures, I am looking to boost my engine, do I supercharge? This is not a quick answer, but let's look at some features that make the turbocharger the most powerful and economical power enhancement for your engine.

More Versatile

A turbocharger is equally appropriate whether your goal is a mild street application or an all-out drag racer. A properly matched turbo can provide superb response and the ability to run boost levels that will push your limits.

So-Called Lag

Modern GT-series high-flow wheels are smaller than ever to reduce inertia and in combination with the ball bearing system give throttle response that has to be driven to be believed. Additionally, a turbos smaller and more compact package allows for greater flexibility in installation locations.

More Efficient

The turbo uses energy that is otherwise wasted through the tailpipe, where a supercharger has high parasitic drag since the power to drive it comes from the crankshaft. Garrett's modern GT-series compressor and turbine aerodynamics push the state of the art limit for stage efficiency and flow range.

More Durable

A turbocharger only has one moving part, the rotating assembly. No pulleys, belts or geared transmissions. This makes for a less complicated device with fewer things to go wrong. So after this...

 Turbochargers are the answer!

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